“Since the introduction of the phonics screening check in 2012, the percentage of Year 1 pupils meeting the expected standard in reading has risen from 58% to 82%, with 92% of children achieving this standard by Year 2.”

UK Department for Education


For 80 years, learning English has been difficult because it was considered that foundational elements of the written language did not need to be taught and would be developed in the same way speech is developed in immersive environments. This was the constructivist view of language development.

However, since the work of the constructivists in the 60s and 70s, there have been major advances in brain research science that have demonstrated what makes good and excellent English readers and what doesn't. 

Using science, I get high-performance results in all four areas of English—reading, speaking, listening and comprehension and use these skills as a springboard for fantastic writing. 

Listen to this second language learner to hear how phonics learning is the best way to learn English.

Does she understand? You ask.  Assessment of understanding is through writing skills, and for a six-year-old second language, yes. she understands enough to keep up with the main storyline. Most English six year olds don't know all the words in books of this nature and few schools encourage deep meaningful readthroughs of real books, preferring the ease of 'age appropriate' libraries.

Does she enjoy reading? You ask. She enjoyed the book so much so bought the whole series and read them all on her own.

This is common, with many learners reading the series of Narnia books on their own once the reading learning is finished at the end of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

I provide a solid foundation for all learners who want to learn English from the beginning and provide services to those who wish to improve their reading, speaking and listening skills.

With many delighted parents behind me, I hope to delight in your or your children's English learning adventure. 


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